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Monday, September 15th 2008

4:08 PM

Additional Website

We have provided an extra website called DLanguage STUDIO Community for our students to be interactive with each other. Facilities available include Interactive Posts, Online Tutorial services, DLS Media Gallery, International RADIO Links, djraystudio media production etc. You are welcomed to be our members. Please visit the following link for further details :

DLanguage STUDIO Community at www.djraystudio.com

From now onwards, this current Blog will be used as our Corporate Information Blog NEWS

Thank you

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Tuesday, July 22nd 2008

2:43 AM

No evening classes during Ramadhan


Hi.. wish to inform everyone that we will not be conducting any classes in the evening during the holy month of Ramadhan, ie effective 1st Sept - 13Oct 08. . All on-going foreign language classes will be completed by mid August 2008. New stage 1 classes will commence in mid-October 2008. Please refer to the intake dates at our forntpage. Thank You.


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Friday, June 13th 2008

6:51 AM

New Classes Schedule


First time it ever happened. Previous Japanese class had to be cancelled due to poor attendance of participants. Despite repeated warnings from LTAC regarding the minimum number of attendees, selfish participants don't seem to understand it. As a result, those who wish to study had to suffer. New Japanese class is now scheduled on 26 June 2008. Those who had to wait for the continuation need not pay for the registration fees. But those who joined in previously with 'having a look' type of attitude hopefully will not return to cause damage again. LTAC will introduce a new Japanese facilitator this time. More information will be given later about the new facilitator. Those who are interested please contact us, pay your registration fees before 26 June.

All other Stage 1 classes have to be postponed. Instead, Stage 2 classes will take place. The first Stage 2 class will start on 19 June, ie for French Language, followed by Arabic on 21 June. Only those who have passed Stage 1, or those who have some knowledge of the language may enroll. The registration fees is only RM10.  We will soon update the dates for new intake for stage 1 classes.


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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008

2:24 AM

New Thai Class at DLS


Wish to congratulate our new students learning Thai Language who have just joined in. There were about 10 people who had the guts to book their names in, but had no courtesy whatsoever to tell us that they were not coming. Well, LTAC has given a clear instruction that should a class had an attendance of less than 15 in any particular week, the program must be cancelled. Also, in future programs, only students who paid their registration prior a new class will be accepted in. So, it is all up to the students and the facilitators to work this out together k..


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Friday, May 23rd 2008

2:07 AM

Thai Language Course Confirmed!


We are glad to inform that finally Thai Language will kick off on 1st June 2008. Classes will be conducted on Sunday and Monday 9-11pm. The class will be conducted in Malay and Thai language. Other courses are run in language mediums as follows : Mandarin - Malay, English and Mandarin, Japanese - Malay, English and Japanese. Arabic - Malay and Arabic. French - English and French. 

Instruction of cancelling any language program has been received from LTAC should the attendance goes beyond 15 numbers, meaning if the class has less than 15 participants at any session, the program will automatically be cancelled the following week until further notice. So.. please be serious about your attendance.

Having explained the above.. we urge that people who are not so serious about learning to please stay away from the program!!!!! because our patience is running low!! In every program that we had arranged in the past, we had had irresponsible bookings who didn't show up or even bother to re-confirm their participations. We urge such disrespectful act and attitude be stopped. Those who are serious to participate, please make the effort to register prior the commencement of the first lecture session or your entry can be denied shoud the class is already full with those who had registered and paid! 


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Wednesday, May 14th 2008

1:32 AM

Thai Language Course re-scheduled


Announcement : We regret to inform that the new Thai Language course recently scheduled on 11 May 2008 needs to be re-scheduled to 1st June 2008 as we do not have enough candidates yet to run the course. Those who wish to attend the course please contact us for booking. We need another at least 10 candidates! Without a number of 30 participants, LTAC won't allow us to start the course. That's what had happened to our German course which could not be started until now.


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Tuesday, May 13th 2008

12:09 AM

French Stage 2


Good news for those who have booked for French Stage2. The delayed program will now start on 12 June 2008, every Thursday and Friday, 9-11pm at our STUDIO. The course will run for 2 months only. Meanwhile, the new Stage1 class will start on 11 June 2008, every Wednesday and Saturday at 9-11pm. Only the first 30 candidates will be accepted for both courses.

All foreign language courses were formerly run for 3 months. But now they have been divided to 2 stages, ie 1 & 2, both are conducted for 2 months, twice a week. Those who wish to attend Stage2 need to achieve a 'pass' in Stage1. Will keep you informed of the upcoming of other Stage2 language programs.


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Tuesday, May 6th 2008

2:14 AM

Foreign Language Convocation 2008


The venue of convocation is yet to be decided. It could be held at Bella Vista or City Bayview Hotel. From our last discussion with LTAC, the date of convocation is aimed towards end of June or early July 2008. Each language will perform a stage show of their own concept. Definitely there will be a Best Student from each language. We will get you informed as soon as we receive latest info regarding this.

Meanwhile, Adults who are still interested to improve their English are welcomed to join our secondary students. Stage 1 is held on Mondays, Stage 2 on Tuesdays. Having said that, adults who are embarrased to join students are advised to wait for next year... or better still don't bother to learn!! Basically, we are just about to have enough with adults who set conditions in order to learn. Sincere adults won't mind if they have to join secondary students. It will not be surprising if adults English Program at our Studio is permanently cancelled!! We are currently doing programs for Hotels and Private Companies who seem to know their aim of having English Programs. On the contrary, we found many adults wanting to learn on their own accord are mostly not so serious about it.. and we may not be interested to entertain this kind of attitude anymore for this year.. We can't change people's attitude, so we have to change ours!!    


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Thursday, April 10th 2008

2:15 AM

Adults English Class Suspended to give way to Foreign Languages Stage2



Dear all, we apologise that Adults English Class on Wednesday evening has to be suspended until further notice to allow Foreign Languages Stage 2 to take place starting May or June 2008. We will keep you informed when the Adults English class will resume.


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Thursday, April 3rd 2008

1:49 AM

Foreign Language Stage 2


Foreign Language Stage 2 will start soon.. But how serious are the students? It was once carried out last year but the attendance were truly appauling. Those who are really serious about it should book a seat..otherwise please don't coz it is unfair to the teachers and LTAC. It has been suggested that the Second Stage be conducted once a week only, 2 hours from 9-11pm.. also at DLanguage Studio. If you had passed Stage 1 of any foreign language organised by LTAC, then you are qualified to register. Otherwise, if you have a little basic and wish to improve further.. please do not hesitate to register with us. We look forward to conducting stage 2, and certainly request your commitment of the program.

Please contact DLanguage STUDIO (04 9672979) or LTAC (04-9698085) for booking. Registration of RM20 can be made upon commencement of the first lecture session.. DjRay

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